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Meet the team that creates paradigm shifts, reshapes culture, and produces high performing, world-class fundraising operations.


Maribeth Canning

Founder & Principal

Maribeth Canning is a nonprofit consultant with 20 years of senior executive experience creating strategy, influencing culture, and generating results. Throughout her career, Maribeth built top-performing programs and teams in healthcare, including Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Ms. Canning has led teams and facilitated boards and senior colleagues which consistently exceeded revenue expectations. 


Alexa Williamson

Director of Strategic Initiatives

With an eclectic background in both marketing and biochemistry, Alexa is quick to absorb high level strategic planning and detailed analytics. As an MCC partner, Alexa is well versed in relationship building, evaluation and impact measurements. Before joining MCC, Alexa worked at Brigham and Women’s Department of Preventive Medicine as well as in a consulting role for both nonprofit and for-profit clients.

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