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Grassroots Fundraising

I believe in American philanthropy grounded in moral principles and rooted in democracy, and ethical practice. Nonprofits and fundraisers inspire giving that crosses borders and builds meaningful relationships where barriers exist. When we work collectively for the greater good, we have the capacity to foster equity and sustainable change. American ingenuity, grit, and the power of the people, for the people, can overcome what seems insurmountable.

Grassroots Fundraising punches way above its weight because it is lifted by many hands. There are residual benefits when everyone’s generosity matters. Grassroots fundraising is by nature empowerment of individuals on both sides of the equation. Each individual contributes what they can and invites their neighborhood network of family, friends and colleagues to be part of the story. Inspired; we align and join the movement for the greater good.

Grassroots Fundraising Core Principles

  • Value-centric relationships based on trust.

  • Empowerment and understanding on both sides of the table.

  • Equity between the individuals we seek to serve, nonprofits and givers who all benefit.

  • Community engagement that crosses barriers, borders, and bias for the common good.

  • Innovative, unique solutions, rooted in community wisdom, strength and ownership powerful enough to address chronic, tenacious issues in their own backyard.

  • Tech savvy, simple, seamless solutions and tools that elevate the power of one into a force for good.

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