I have been reflecting on my own privilege as a white American and professional in the nonprofit sector. To become a true ally to the black community, I must first listen. Below, is a list of resources which elevate the black voices we need to hear. Today, I am a student so I may be a better ally tomorrow.  




An essential toolbox for becoming an anti-racist ally

Books Available


On race and the history of inequality in the US

Craft Shop


Black owned & Boston based



Fighting for social justice and racial equality



Focusing on black history, culture and activism

Pile of Newspapers

Articles & eBooks

For self reflection & education

Flouring Hands


First steps on a journey towards anti-racism


Follow black artists, activists & content creators on social media.

Make a donation to an organization fighting for social justice & equality in your community or across the globe.

Donate books that feature black protagonists and heroes to a local educator, no matter the racial make-up of their class.

Support local black businesses. Especially during this international pandemic, small businesses need your support.

Call or write to your state legislators and governor to support criminal justice reform.

Examine your own organization for racial bias. Ask yourself: 

  1. Does my organization reflect the diversity of my community at all levels of its structure? Is my organization transparent about this diversity or lack of diversity?

  2. Is my organization's current culture inclusive to all?

  3. When hiring, does my organization interview a diverse group of candidates? Do I personally refer diverse candidates for open positions? Consider working with an organization that is committed to supporting multicultural professionals such as The Partnership, Inc.

Watch 13th, a Netflix documentary discussing the historic and modern effects of the 13th amendment.

Have a constructive conversation about race with a close friend or family member. Examine your own inherent biases.