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Maribeth Canning Consulting (MCC) is committed to ensuring transformational change through philanthropy and partnership. Harnessing, 20+ years of experience as a consultant, executive director, vice president and chief philanthropy officer, Ms. Canning is a proven leader who delivers greater impact to nonprofit clients. Her expertise building inclusive relationships and partnerships with diverse stakeholders drives greater impact that makes the world a better place. 


Discovery of innovation and sustainable solutions requires rigor, expertise, strategic planning, and accountability. Philanthropy is the fuel needed to ignite powerful change. Engagement is the bridge.


MCC collaborates with leaders and stakeholders to  create paradigm shifts that reshape culture based on values. Together, we optimize operations by uniting teams around a shared purpose. We instill innovative best practices and strategies that inspires game-changing philanthropic investment. As partners, MCC and our clients establish a higher performance standard that extends well beyond the terms of the engagement. ​


If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in, MCC would be honored to partner with you. 



“Maribeth doesn't "just consult" or offer standardized deliverables. She digs deep to understand the larger context, creates unique tool boxes tailored to our culture, engages team members in role play and actively facilitates campaign strategy sessions.

In short, Maribeth is about change - big, transformational change.

- Arlene Fortunato

Senior Vice President for Advancement at the Greater Boston Food Bank, Boston, MA

“Maribeth’s insights are priceless.  At a time when we were thinking too small, she helped us realize who we are in the industry and how important it is to take a more comprehensive approach to our work.


Additionally, so many of us talk about a culture of philanthropy, Maribeth helped us see the cracks in culture and that is where you find the gold.


Thank you Maribeth for a short engagement that will have lasting impacts on the organization and just as importantly - the people.”

- Sharon Reilly

Vice President for Development at the Greater Boston Food Bank, Boston, MA

"Maribeth understood, at a core level, the mission and critical nature of the services we provide to children and by extension, their families.  The entire consultancy was motivated by her commitment to our work, personal values and professional drive. She challenged each of us to perform at higher levels and gave in equal measure, far beyond the terms of the contract."

- Ingrid Stanchfield

CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kennebec Valley, Gardiner, ME

"Maribeth adapted the campaign plan, prospects/donor strategies and timelines multiple times to accommodate the changing landscape. She encouraged us to trust ourselves and valued our perspective in creating solutions. She demonstrated the courage to honestly address roadblocks that impeded our progress.  Maribeth's ultimate goal extends beyond the campaign to create a sustainable fundraising operation for the future. That is what most distinguishes her consultancy." 

- Peter Prescott

CEO of Team EJP, Gardiner, ME


Co-chair at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kennebec Valley, Gardiner, ME

John Fallona

Owner & former CEO of On Target Utility Services, Gardiner, ME

Co-chair at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kennebec Valley, Gardiner, ME

"As an integral member of the senior management, Maribeth was as invested in finance and patient satisfaction as she was in philanthropy. As CFO, I was enlisted along with the entire finance department in building a vibrant culture of philanthropy. 


We all understood our role in building the culture of philanthropy within our departments and as leaders. Every member of leadership joined Maribeth for donor visits and solicitation. Maribeth taught us, our investment of time and support made all the difference and was visible in the ROI."   

- Matthew Woods

Vice President of Finance for Lahey Health Community Network and Winchester Hospital

“Maribeth was easy to work with and fit in beautifully with our team. She was flexible, hands-on and always available to the Center. Maribeth encouraged us to dream big and engaged our entire team in philanthropy. Her enthusiasm for the Center was palpable in all our interactions.” 

- Judy Garber, MD, MPH

Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Susan F. Smith Chair in Genetics and Prevention, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“Maribeth grasped the unique opportunities and challenges fundraising for the Center presented. Her approach to philanthropy was thoughtful, strategic and always energetic. We appreciated Maribeth's deep interest in learning about our work so she could convey our research effectively to prospective donors. She became a true advocate of the Center and our patients.”

- Sapna Syngal, MD, MPH

Director, Gastroenterology, DFCI/BWH Cancer Center, Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Director, GI Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program, Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“Maribeth was a pleasure to work with and articulated our vision with clarity and conviction. Her partnership with me and my colleagues always positioned us in the very best light to attract investment from donors.”

- Timothy Rebbeck, PhD.

Professor, Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Vincent L. Gregory, Jr. Professor of Cancer Prevention, Epidemiology, Harvard School Of Public Health

"We at Cummings Foundation have known Maribeth from both sides of the table. As a fundraiser and volunteer, she distinguishes herself with integrity and commitment."

- Bill & Joyce Cummings

Founders of Cummings Foundation, Members of the Giving Pledge, Woburn, MA

"Maribeth encouraged us to build a culture of philanthropy and foster lasting donor relationships. Her leadership with the Board medical staff and employees was as effective as her engagement with volunteers and donors."

- Kevin Smith

Former President and CEO of Winchester Hospital, Winchester, MA

"Maribeth always approaches individuals with a genuine interest in understanding their values and giving priorities. Her commitment to the nonprofits she represents is 100% evident. Maribeth's skill is discovering what motivates an individual and inspires them with a project that is a perfect fit. Both parties are fulfilled by the exchange. " 

- Dan Wathen, Esq.

Former Chief Justice, Maine State, Superior Court 

Chairman of the Elsie Viles Foundation Board, Augusta Maine

"Maribeth’s guidance fostered a lasting relationship with a transformational donor, whose investment impacts the lives of countless patients today."

- Scott Bullock

Former President and CEO of Maine General Health, Augusta, ME

Harold Alfond Scholars Program Board Member, Portland, ME

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