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COVD-19 has dramatically changed the world in a matter of weeks. As fundraisers, we are by nature positive and resilient. Our priorities may have escalated or what was urgent last week may seem out of touch today. Here are the critical actions to implement during this period of social distancing. Commit to using this time to bring your donors closer even though you are apart. Be relevant, share your mission in ways that combat isolation and spread hope.  



Block & Tackle


Keep your donors close with a strong communication plan and personal calls to your top donors. Express calm concern and gratitude. 

Now is an opportune time to be strategic and solution- oriented about the current climate and future. Hone best practice and expand operational capacity. Take stock, prioritize and execute.


 Offer conference calls,

video conferencing,

eLearning and

innovative event alternatives. Adopt volunteer efforts to a remote platform.


Invest in professional development remotely. Sharpen  your team's toolbox so that you emerge at a higher level of performance. 


In a crisis, most people want to help. Set up a special fund or specific funding opportunities to impact the crisis. 


Be thoughtful. Invest in relationships with donors. Surprise donors with hand-written notes and creative value-added updates.  

Now What?

Leverage fundraising expertise that has been tested in multiple economic downturns, despite combative stakeholders and merger activity. Connect with MCC for unique solutions and targeted strategy for the current environment.

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Coronavirus And Your 2020 Fundraising Go
Coronavirus And Your 2020 Fundraising Go
Coronavirus And Your 2020 Fundraising Go
Coronavirus And Your 2020 Fundraising Go
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