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To Honor RBG

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s brilliant work transformed American jurisprudence for women by leveraging the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause to guarantee gender equality and later racial equality. In tribute to Justice Ginsburg, let’s emulate what she taught us.

As women, we have an obligation to use our voice. There is power in equality, conviction, and the truth.

Right now, women in the United States are estimated to control $22+ trillion in personal wealth. They are increasingly using their voices philanthropically. Women weld significant influence in philanthropy independently, at home, and in professional and corporate environments. Women philanthropists understand that there is power in collective philanthropic action. In short, women are changing the philanthropic landscape.

70% - 80% of all fundraisers are women. Fundraisers are uniquely positioned to empower women philanthropists to make bold decisions and create a more just, equitable world. Let’s harness the courage and conviction of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as we advise our donors. Collectively we can change the world. 

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