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Unlocking Success: The Synergy Between Philanthropy and Marketing

I recently had the honor of hosting an NEAHP Webinar as part of the NEAHP Ask the Experts program, a role I proudly chair as a board member. The focal point of our discussion was the symbiotic relationship between philanthropy and marketing, delving into the reasons a collaborative approach significantly enhances organizational impact.

Our distinguished presenters for the month were Pam Puelo and Laurie Storey Manso, both esteemed owners of their own consulting firms. Pam, with a notable 34-year tenure as the VP for Philanthropy and Marketing at Concord Health, has recently transitioned into consultancy. Her extensive service to NEAHP, including the presidency and various leadership roles spanning three decades, attests to her unwavering commitment. Laurie, her co-presenter, brings a wealth of experience from the marketing and public relations sector, contributing a nuanced perspective to our discourse.

In my introductory remarks, I spoke of a fundamental philosophy guiding my approach—an understanding that the relationship between marketing and philanthropy is mutually dependent. This interdependence operates on a layering principle, where the work in each domain builds upon the other. Marketing assumes the role of the storyteller, defining key messages for the organization, its programs, and initiatives. Philanthropy then refines these messages for the donor audience, actively engaging community members, donors, and funders to stimulate generous philanthropic revenue. This collaboration is reciprocal in nature. Philanthropy shares vital insight from the donor audience. Simultaneously, Marketing contributes its perspective on messaging, allowing for adjustments that optimize the effectiveness of our joint efforts.


The strength of this symbiotic relationship lies in its interwoven nature. Through our cohesive partnership, Philanthropy and Marketing bolster each other, offering indispensable insights and support that shape strategies, tactics, and, ultimately, success.

Join us for next month's webinar as we welcome Mass General Brigham' Chief Development Officer, Chris O'Connor, CFRE for this fascinating seminar on the systemization of healthcare philanthropy. Register here.

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