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Women Are Changing the Philanthropic Landscape

Women in the United States are estimated to control more than $22 trillion in personal wealth. We weld significant personal and professional influence and are increasingly finding our philanthropic voices. Women are more likely to make household giving decisions than men. Women’s funds and foundations give larger amounts to charitable organizations. As women, we understand that there is power in collective philanthropic action. We are changing the philanthropic landscape.

More than 75% of all fundraisers are women, yet women’s and girls’ organizations remain a small share of overall giving at just 1.9%. As fundraisers, we are uniquely positioned to empower women philanthropists to make bold decisions and create a more just, equitable world for women and girls. Collectively we can create transformational change.

This infographic from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at IUPUI illustrates the increasing impact women have on household giving decision.

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