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Discover the art of
engagement to unlock the power of philanthropy.

Inspire Others To Act

My Services


MCC offers a diverse range of consulting options that customize best practice for your environment, culture, and audience. Our expertise jump-starts breakthrough performance and sets a high bar for impact.


Key stakeholders, executives and team members are empowered and well-prepared to engage potential donors and collaborators with confidence. Internal and external challenges are downsized to manageable situations with innovative solutions. MCC anticipates the unexpected so you are confident in any scenario. Our expertise building relationships and partnerships across sectors with diverse stakeholders.


Trustees, senior executives, staff and community stakeholders are led through hands-on sessions that are inclusive to gain insight, educate, inspire and boost confidence. Feedback and practice in the “lab” embed lessons and are immediately actionable.


MCC believes campaigns have the power to transform a
nonprofit and build a stronger philanthropic operation. MCC’s innovative approach to campaigns fully leverage the opportunity and ensure results extend well beyond the term of the engagement. Higher performance standards are hardwired for growth.

- Arlene Fortunato

Senior Vice President for Advancement at the Greater Boston Food Bank, Boston, MA

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