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Equal Pay Day

Launched by Equal Rights Advocates on the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, Equal Pay Day shines a light on how far into the next year women must work to be paid the same amount men made the previous year. In the US, women make only 82 cents for every dollar that their white male counterparts earn. However, this gap widens for women of color. For each dollar a white man makes, AAPI women make 85 cents, Black women earn only 63 cents, Native women earn 60 cents, and Latinx women earn just 55 cents. In other words, this year, Latinx women would have to work until October 21st to earn what white men earned in 2020 alone.

While March 24, 2021 is equal pay day for some, women of color must work further into the year to catch up to men. To close the gender pay gap, we must address the underlying barriers that prevent an inclusive, equitable economy.

Women in the United States control more than $22 trillion in personal wealth. Women weld significant influence in philanthropy, at home, and in professional environments. Women’s funds, foundations, and gender equity nonprofits are working across the country to collectively close the gender pay gap. When we guarantee that our communities have the resources they need to ensure that all women, particularly women of color, have seats at the table, we can finally begin to root out injustice and close the gap. Women’s philanthropy, especially grassroots organizations led by women, are responsible for reshaping the philanthropic movement and transforming our society. We understand that there is power in collective philanthropic action and we are ready to change the national landscape and create a more just, equitable world.

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