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Women Defending Democracy

Eleanor Roosevelt is commonly hailed as one of the most influential women of the 20th century. She believed strongly that women deserved a place at the table when it came to politics. Eleanor was a formative leader and member of the League of Women Voters and epitomized the powerful role that women, and League members, have played – and continue to play – in furthering equality, strengthening our government and democracy.

I am proud to be working with the League of Women Voters in Massachusetts (LWVMA), in the 100th anniversary of their founding after the passage of the 19th Amendment. Like Eleanor Roosevelt, thousands of formidable women, in 48 communities across Massachusetts, are deeply involved in protecting and educating the public about democracy and the power of their vote. In this presidential election year, as we navigate our way through a pandemic, the League’s nonpartisan work is vital.

We have witnessed daily attacks on our democratic election process. In response, the League marches on, demanding accountability and transparency of our elected officials to ensure that every vote is counted, and the voice of all Americans is heard. These women do not sit on the sidelines. They advocate and lobby for social justice and equality locally and on a global stage as a player and partner in global democracy. We all have an obligation to defend democracy and empower the citizens of Massachusetts and the nation. Do your job, invest in democracy, volunteer, join and strongly support the LWVMA.

Join other inspiring women on Sunday, December 13th at 1:00 p.m. to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of LWVMA's founding. Our keynote speaker is the inspiring Dr. Danielle Allen, an esteemed professor at Harvard, who is a brilliant Black woman, widely recognized for her empowering work on justice and citizenship. We will also be honoring Pam Wilmot, Vice President of State Operations for Common Cause, for her outstanding work to improve democracy in Massachusetts.

To make a donation or participate in this fascinating discussion, learn more at

Your gift will set the stage as LWVMA embraces the next century of work.

America is at a crossroads and our democracy is at stake. The League offers a path to a unified country and a stronger democracy. Cast your vote for League of Women Voters of Massachusetts and democracy today.

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