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Gratitude is everything.

The root of joy is thankfulness.

As fundraisers we are in the gratitude business and believe in abundance. We choose hope and empower others to discover the joy of giving. Philanthropy is love and gratitude in action. Our role is to inspire generosity and create partnerships between equals, because generosity that is shared is multiplied. Inclusivity expands, strengthens, and proliferates. We all thrive when we share.

Generosity is comprised of values. These values are the backbone of our work. Generosity is transformative, not only for those we serve. Giving has a profound impact on the generous. It is not the size of the gift but the act of giving that is transformative. Expressing gratitude for the ability to give is a privilege. Fostering the work of changemakers in the world is humbling. The real heroes of the story are those we serve.

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