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Spread Joy

Last year was a year of reckoning and reflection. 2020 reminded us of our human frailty and inter-connectedness. Lynn Bernholz, used the term “syndemic to describe what happens when independent threats such as the pandemic coronavirus finds a host in endemic racism. The dangers entwine, mutate and grow lethality.”

Professional fundraisers and nonprofit leaders have a critical role to play as change-agents. As fundraisers, we worked harder than ever to meet the skyrocketing needs generated by a global pandemic. We serve as a powerful force for good at this pivotal moment. With humility, we learned invaluable lessons. Here are 10 I’m bringing with me in 2021.

  1. Introspection takes courage, change represents growth

  2. Respect the dignity and journey of others

  3. Equity is the only way forward, broaden your circle, unity is healing

  4. Seek the wisdom of those we seek to serve, first

  5. Approach communities from an asset-based perspective

  6. Be humble, listen, listen, listen

  7. Engage the community to create resilient, innovative solutions.

  8. Share whatever you have with your community family and neighbors

  9. Acts of kindness matter, initiate change, and are powerful

  10. Imitate the selflessness of the everyday heroes all around us. Spread joy and hope throughout 2021.

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