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Transformational Strategic Planning

MCC’s approach to transformational strategic planning is a game-changer. We offer a five-step process that inspires nonprofits to increase their impact. The five stages are Inclusion, Purpose, Engagement, Innovation and Funding. We encourage clients to define stakeholders broadly, while amplifying new perspectives for discovery of unique, sustainable solutions and partnerships. Our evidence-based, cutting-edge approach builds equity and shared respect between stakeholders.

Leadership will be led through an Inclusion process where diverse stakeholders are invited to the table. Together with MCC, stakeholders will co-create a Team Charter to ensure an environment of equity and accountability. Clarity about roles, responsibilities, expectations, and timelines is defined and agreed upon. A plan of accountability is drawn up through mutual consensus. Guardrails are in place to ensure the environment for strategic planning is a safe, creative space where innovation can flow. Next, MCC jumpstarts the process by exploring critical business issues early, in order to ensure that we are engaged in problem solving immediately, optimizing our time together.

We begin in earnest with Purpose, to explore and confirm your nonprofit’s unique role in creating social change. Stakeholders are encouraged to openly question, and challenge long- held beliefs and practices. All options are on the table. The Mission, Vision and Values are examined, reaffirmed, revised, or rejected. Where repositioning is needed, we work with you to craft statements that fully capture the conviction of your nonprofit until all stakeholders feel united in the authenticity of their Purpose.

We devise your Engagement by leveraging ground-breaking research on the creation of revolutionary, sustainable change in the world. At MCC, we kick into high gear during engagement. Tapping into 20-years of strategic planning and philanthropic expertise, we engage all stakeholders. To address the challenges we face today, nonprofits must retool and commit to innovation to unlock lasting social impact. Clarity, flexibility, and resilience are proven strategies that generate transformational change. Without this essential thrust and commitment, nonprofits are not fully poised for success.

As the challenges become increasingly complex and persistent, the standard strategic planning approach is no longer adequate. Nonprofits are harnessing Social Innovation, which is dynamic and scalable to address obstacles from multiple vantage points. The nonprofits who are the most likely to succeed utilize strategic planning to position themselves as learning organizations, open to risk, consistent measurement and thoughtful evaluation to disrupt the status quo. Therefore, we encourage nonprofits to leverage system building, advocacy, and cross-sector collaboration to generate true social innovation. We encourage nonprofits to invest in an exploratory process of generating, testing, and adapting novel solutions and game-changing social impact.

Most consulting firms end the strategic planning process at this point. MCC leans in, understanding that launching new initiatives and priorities creates the ideal opportunity to leverage Funding. In other words, “no money, no mission”. We roll up our sleeves to engage stakeholders in the development of a fundraising campaign equal to the scope of the future state envisioned. MCC partners with stakeholder in building a Culture of Philanthropy, critical to realizing the highest priorities of your organization. Deliverables are prepared and presented for feedback and revisions. MCC provides campaign counsel that unlocks the power of philanthropy to change the world.

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